MAKERS Workshop, Venice, Italy

Industry 4.0 and SME’s:  Skills, Upgrading and Policy

When:  24th, 25th, 26th October 2018

Where:  Ca’ Foscari University Conference Room, Department of Economics, San Giobbe, Cannaregio 873, 30121 Venice – Italy

Organized by:  Mario Volpe and Giancarlo Corò (Ca’ Foscari University) – & Antonella Trevisanato, Giovanna Guzzo and Arianna Pittarello (Unioncamere Veneto) –

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Professor Steffen Kinkel hits the news!

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MAKERS Business Academia Policy for Policy Forum and Consortium Meeting

Upgrading strategies and trajectories for clusters, districts and regions

When: 9th 10th May 2018
Where: Florence, Tuscany– Italy
Contact: Dr. Alessandro Monti  –, Dr. Chiara Guiggiani –, Dr. Simona Ciappei –

The disruptive introduction of new technologies has strongly modified the global production landscape. SMEs and local production systems are accordingly adjusting both the organizational models and the sets of embedded knowledge. The forthcoming workshop in Florence will be the arena to deepen this big transformation thanks to academics, policy makers and the main actors of local business associations who will share their different point of views, experiences and development trajectories.


MAKERS Brussels Policy workshop


Industry 4.0 Implications for an EU industrial policy

When: Thursday, 25th January 2018, 10:00-16:00

Where: CEPS Conference Room, 1 Place du Congrès, 1000 Brussels

Contact: David Bailey –

Organized by David Bailey (Aston University) & Felice Simonelli (CEPS)

CEPS, in cooperation with the H2020 Project MAKERS, invites you to a Policy Workshop on Industry 4.0 and its implications for an EU industrial policy.


EU economies are being transformed by the emergence of ‘new manufacturing model’ driven by a wave of technological changes: the pervasive diffusion of digital technology; new business models & servitisation; new forms of demand & access; and a sustainable innovation agenda.

Recent debate has started to unpack this ‘production organisation revolution’ and it is now timely to understand what form the new manufacturing model will take in Europe, how it can contribute to economic development, and what policies are needed to enable to develop and anchor manufacturing activities in relatively high-cost economies in the EU.

Policy makers, academics, unions and business experts from across the EU will share their perspectives on new or smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution and implications for policy.

Please let David Bailey know if you want to present policy findings from your contribution to MAKERS.

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MAKERS brussels policy event

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Conference on Global Production

6-8th December 2017, National University of Singapore

The Global Production Networks Research Centre at the National University of Singapore (GPN@NUS) is pleased to announce that it will host the inaugural interdisciplinary ‘Conference on Global Production’ in December 2017.

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Introducing Dr. Vivek Soundararajan to the MAKERS project

Following on from the departure of Pamela Robinson, we would like to introduce her replacement Dr. Vivek Soundararajan who is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Strategy and International Business. His core research interest lies around understanding the ways in which businesses can contribute to social, environmental and economic sustainability, and create value for stakeholders. Under this broad theme, he conducts research on corporate responsibility, political role of business, multi-stakeholder initiatives, labour and environmental standards, and labour rights in global production networks, modern slavery and forced labour, sustainable entrepreneurship and stakeholder value creation. His research draws on insights from a wide range of disciplines, including management, sociology, political science, planning studies, development studies and law; and he collaborates with numerous international scholars across these disciplines. Vivek’s research has been published in journals such as Journal of World Business, Human Relations, Journal of Business Ethics and Business and Society. Also, his work has been published in books edited by leading scholars. He has engaged with a wide range of stakeholders for consulting and research. Additionally, he has obtained numerous honours, awards and grants, and has experience in organizing interdisciplinary international conferences and workshops. Currently, he is an Associate Editor of the journal Business Ethics: A European Review and the Annual Review of Social Partnerships and he reviews for numerous high-impact journals on an ad-hoc basis.  Vivek has a completely funded Ph.D. in Management from University of London, which won numerous prestigious awards including, ‘the Academy of Management, Social Issues in Management (SIM) Division’s Best Dissertation award’ and ‘Honourable Mention from Labor and Employment Relations (LERA), USA’. His PhD research covered a range of areas including, corporate responsibility, global supply chains, labour conditions, small business, garment sector and emerging country context. He also has a distinction class Master’s Degree in Management from University of St Andrews and a distinction class Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University, India.

The potential secondees are: Dr Roshan Boojihawon; Dr. Dr Natalia A. Vershinina; and Dr. Dr Simon Adderley. Along with this team, Vivek will be looking to ecosystem for sustainable entrepreneurship, international sustainable entrepreneurship and ambidexterity and sustainable supply chains.

MAKERS: A Research and Innovation Staff Exchange Project Events

  Upcoming events:

When: Thursday 16th November 2017

Where: Ca’ Foscari

Contact: Diletta Pegoraro –

Measuring The Complexity of Production Spaces: models and applications – organized by Giancarlo Coro’ and Mario Volpe. The speaker is Tullio Buccellato. The leaflet is attached below.

Download a copy of the of the leaflet here.

Measuring The Complexity of Production Spaces: models and applications


When: Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Where: UnionCamere

Contact: Diletta Pegoraro –

Methodology for Mapping the Reshoring: Suggestions and FRAs. – organized by Unioncamere – Giancarlo Coro’ and Serafino Pitingaro will introduce the topic and the seminar will be led by Diletta Pegoraro. The leaflet is attached below.

Download a copy of the of the leaflet here.

A Methodology for Mapping the Reshoring: Suggestions and FRAs.

Prof Marco Bellandi and Dr Erica Santini at ERSA 2017

The ERSA 2017 conference was in Groningen this year. It included various sections drawing on the research  output  of the MAKERS project. In this context, Prof Marco Bellandi and Dr Erica Santini presented two working papers: “The reconfiguration of traditional manufacturing areas affected by servitization processes: a perspective from Italy” and “Endogenous Rerouting of Systemic Organisations of Production, and feasible Policies for the Manufacturing Recovery in Europe”. The former was hosted in an ordinary session on “Regional Economic Development” and explored the localization of service activities in traditional manufacturing areas, such as the industrial districts, employing Italy as a reference case study. The latter was presented in the special session “A new Industrial and Regional Policy for European Growth and Integration” and focused on the  a debate over place-based integrated policies for a manufacturing recovery in Europe, stressing the importance to support intersections between technologies, sectors and value chains.

 Building - ERSA 2017Prof Marco Bellandi - ERSA 2017

Dr Erica Santini - ERSA 2017Prof Marco Bellandi & Dr Erica Santini - ERSA 2017

MAKERS is part of the growing servitization community and co-organizes event in Barcelona


Servitization is understood as the capacity for manufacturing firms to provide customer-specific or industry-specific product–service ‘solutions’. The international Conference on Business Servitization (ICBS) aims to gather academics, policy makers and professionals interested in the Servitization process and on its effect on organizations, industries and regions.

Since 2012, the annual conference has been used as a platform in which participants share their latest research findings and practical experiences, and exchange their innovative ideas.  MAKERS co-organizes the 6th ICBS that will be held in Barcelona next 16th-17th November ( The conference will be hosted by ESADE and Polytechnic University of Catalonia and specifically the venue will be the Barcelona School of Building Construction (see picture below).

University of Catalonia

Dr Ferran Vendrell-Herrero (University of Birmingham) is the scientific director of the conference, which this year is co-chaired by Dr Esteban Lafuente (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) and Dr Ivanka Visnjic (ESADE). Associated to the conference there are three special issues from leading academic journals in the fields of regional science (Regional Studies), International Marketing (International Marketing Review) and sustainability (Sustainability) plus an edited book.

This edition of the International Conference on Business Servitization (ICBS) aims at studying what drivers, processes and actors play a crucial role in enabling and promoting manufacturing renaissance, technological upgrading and product-service innovation in regions, or territotorial servitization. Territorial servitization offers an opportunity for local manufacturing economies to resume growth and sustain long-term competitiveness. As such, the renaissance of manufacturing through territorial servitization not only facilitates the upgrading of existing manufacturing competences, but it also offers an opportunity to develop and anchor new technological capabilities across regions. This is one of the key questions that MAKERS aim to address.

MAKERS workshop: “Reshoring and Industry 4.0”

When: 3 May 2017

Where: Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences


Organized by Steffen Kinkel (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences) & Lisa De Propris (University of Birmingham).

Offshoring trends are changing, and several companies are now turning to reshoring. Reasons are quality and flexibility issues in cross-border supply chains, rapidly rising labour costs in some of the target countries, but also new possibilities for competitive manufacturing practices in high-wage countries, supported by new and digitally integrated manufacturing technologies. These “manufacturing 4.0” technologies, in Germany called “industry 4.0”, are based on the intelligent, real-time, horizontal and vertical integration of value-added processes and business models. They bear the potential to produce highly individualized products while at the same time improving the speed and efficiency of the production process significantly.

Confirmed speakers include Steffen Kinkel, Luciano Fratocchi, David Bailey, Guido Nassimbeni, Bella B. Nujen, Jan Stentoft, Pamela Robinson, Rosemary Coates (Reshoring Institute -US).

The Workshop is free of charge to attend. Please join us by registering your attendance with Venessa Rouse at