Participants of the MAKERS summer school workshop

MAKERS Workshop: A New Manufacturing Model for Europe

The H2020-MAKERS WORKSHOP ON  A NEW MANUFACTURING MODEL FOR EUROPE took place on 28 and 29 June 2016 at Birmingham Business School.


Peter Marsh (Author of the book “The New Industrial Revolution” and founder of Made Here Now)

The New Manufacturing Revolution: the Global Challenge


Lisa De Propris (Birmingham Business School)

A New Manufacturing Model for Europe


Jennifer Clark (Georgia Tech and author of the book “Working Regions” (Routledge)

Manufacturing by design


David Bailey (Aston Business School)

Brexit, the UK economy and manufacturing, with reference to UK automotive


Rosemary Coates (Reshoring Institute, US)

How the Reshoring Institute is Helping Clients Bring Manufacturing Back


Steffen Kinkel (Karlsruhe University, Germany)

Reshoring, local value chains and industry 4.0 in the German manufacturing industry – trends and fields for further research


Pamela Robinson (Birmingham Business School)

Sustainable reshoring in high end fashion


Iain McKechnie (Aston Business School, Project Manager -SERV Project)

Servitization: Bridging Research and Practice


Oscar F. Bustinza (University of Granada) and Ferran Vendrell (Birmingham Business School)

Product innovation and performance: The role of collaborative partnerships and R&D intensity.


Olivier Crevoisier (Neuchatel University, Switzerland)

Significant knowledge, not substantial knowledge, will help European manufacturing to get reshored!”


Marco Bellandi (FRI and Università degli studi di Firenze)

For an industrial renewal in Italy: the possible contribution of industry-university place-based linkages


Dr Mariachaira Barzotto (MSCA Fellow)

Methodology workshop (open to Doctoral Researchers and Post-docs)