Professor Lisa De Propris at NUS in Singapore

Meeting the GPN@NUS Group

Arrived in Singapore and hooked up with the NUS partner immediately. I met faculty, post-docs and PhD researchers of the Global Production Network Centre at their fortnightly meetings. This a very dynamic and well joint group of researchers coming from different disciplines such as Geography, Economics, Sociology, and Political Science. They are all interested in studying global production and economic development, in particular in East Asia; it is directed jointly by Professor Henry Yeung and Professor Neil Coe from the Department of Geography.

On-going projects, fieldwork and activities of the GPN Centre were discussed. And then, of course we talked about MAKERS. The GPN Centre is looking forward kicking off collaborations with all MAKERS partners.

In a number of meetings with Henry and Neil, we talked about avenues for joint collaborations, secondments and engagement.


Speaker: Prof Lisa De Propris

Title: Smart Manufacturing:  The new manufacturing model and implications for inclusive and renewing regional prosperity

Abstract: A new manufacturing model is emerging drawing on the new technologies linked to the 4th Industrial Revolution. Smart manufacturing is defined as a broader model than Industry 4.0 and it is a fundamental new paradigm that re-defines the nature of the manufacturing sector. This work presents some thoughts on smart manufacturing and its implications for the long term competitiveness of Europe as an advanced economy. The motive for this is to understand the drivers and the challenges that might enable the upgrading of existing manufacturing competences, and more importantly that can anchors new technological capabilities across EU region.