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The MAKERS Workshop on ” Industry 4.0. Implications for an EU industrial policy” that was held in Brussels on January 25th 2018 at CEPS was a great success!









MAKERS Partners from the University of Venice, Reshoirng Institute, FRI, UoB, Aston, HSKA and CEPS contributed to a lively debate with on Industry 4.0 with EU Commission reps, business people and regional and local policy makers representing EU regions.


January 17th 2018, Arianna Pittarello “Job Polarisation and readiness to Industry 4.0

Arianna Pittarello concluded her secondment to UoB with a seminar in front of the Birmingham Business School on the the “Job Polarisation and readiness to Industry 4.0”. The talk was co-presented with Prof Lisa De Propris who mentored her during her secondment. The work that Arianna did during her secondment will be carried on by Antonella Trevisanato who has just arrived in UoB. The novel data collection and analysis that Arianna and Antonella have been working on together with Lisa De Propris will be  included in a report to be ready in June 2018. We will miss you Arianna!



November 22nd 2017, Venice and Rovigo Chamber of Commerce – Workshop on Reshoring.

Ph.D Student, Diletta Pegoraro proposes some indexes for mapping the phenomenon of reshoring, both with macro and micro data.






November 16th 2017 Regional Studies Association Winter Conference in London.

Professor Lisa De Propris presents the conceptual framework to understand The Implications Of A Disruptive Industry 4.0 For European Regions.






Disseminating the work of Makers in the International Conference on Business Servitization

Please download document for more information about the conference. 

Disseminating the work of Makers in the International Conference on Business Servitization






Prof. Marco Bellandi presents a policy paper on “Territorial policies for industrial renaissance and innovation”








Conference on Globalisation, Human Capital, Regional Growth and the 4th industrial revolution, 20th October 2017, Bologna Italy.

Prof. David Bailey (Aston Business School) and Lisa De Propris (Birmingham Business School) present the concept framework on Industry 4.0 drawing on the MAKERS  research- “Disruptive Industry 4.0”.






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