Prof Marco Bellandi and Dr Erica Santini at ERSA 2017

The ERSA 2017 conference was in Groningen this year. It included various sections drawing on the research  output  of the MAKERS project. In this context, Prof Marco Bellandi and Dr Erica Santini presented two working papers: “The reconfiguration of traditional manufacturing areas affected by servitization processes: a perspective from Italy” and “Endogenous Rerouting of Systemic Organisations of Production, and feasible Policies for the Manufacturing Recovery in Europe”. The former was hosted in an ordinary session on “Regional Economic Development” and explored the localization of service activities in traditional manufacturing areas, such as the industrial districts, employing Italy as a reference case study. The latter was presented in the special session “A new Industrial and Regional Policy for European Growth and Integration” and focused on the  a debate over place-based integrated policies for a manufacturing recovery in Europe, stressing the importance to support intersections between technologies, sectors and value chains.

 Building - ERSA 2017Prof Marco Bellandi - ERSA 2017

Dr Erica Santini - ERSA 2017Prof Marco Bellandi & Dr Erica Santini - ERSA 2017

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