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Manufacturing Reshoring: A UK Perspective

David Bailey (Aston Business School / Aston Centre for Europe) and Lisa De Propris (Birmingham Business School)

Forthcoming in: R. Hira and J Eatie, Ed.s., Engineering Globalization Reshoring & Nearshoring: Management & Policy Issues, Singapore: World Scientific. Forthcoming, 2016.

Abstract: This chapter explores the meaning of reshoring and its drivers in the case of UK manufacturing, with a particular focus on its automotive sector. Using a mixed meothods approach, drawing on interviews, policy reviews and a range of recent surveys, the chapter finds that while reshoring is indeed a discernable trend in UK manufacturing, it is less pronounced than many have claimed. In the UK case at least there are severe limits as to how far this reshoring trend can go, particularly in relation to the availability of skills and finance in the supply chain, and the availability of land for manufacturing. This is in turn raises questions over the stance of British industrial policy and whether more could be done, with comparisons made to recent US experience.

Servitization, R&D intensity and performance

Oscar Bustinza (University of Granada), Ferran Vendrell-Herrero (Birmingham Business School), Emanuel Gomes (Universidade Nova), Tim Baines (Aston University)

Abstract: This study is positioned at the intersection of R&D intensity and servitization literatures. It explores empirically whether R&D intensity help to unpack the complex relation between product-service innovation (servitization) and performance. We contend that manufacturing firms in R&D-intensive industries are more likely to benefit from implementing service provision than those firms operating in other sectors because of industry dynamics and reduction of customer uncertainty. The study uses a primary survey sample of multinational companies. Its results reinforce the importance of context for successful product-service innovation.